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Hi! My name is Kylie and I’m a student at Virginia State University. I’m studying eco-friendly and sustainable futures, and one thing that I am interested in is home building. Where are the suburbs of the future, and are they eco-friendly? In this blog (which I will submit for my class), I wanted to write about green building and eco-friendly construction of homes.

I found this website domain on an auction, and it fit into my theme. I don’t have any affiliation with Bowtie Construction, and have no idea if that was a real business or even in business anymore, but I heard that getting an existing domain that expired would help build my readership.

Going Green In The Home

As someone who is a major supporter of the green home initiative, it warms my heart to see many people embrace the idea of having homes that are eco-friendly. For too long, homes have been built without any kind of consideration for the planet and what damage is being done to it. These practices only hurt the Earth in the long run and make it harder for everyone else to live on it. If action isn’t taken now, in the future there won’t be an Earth on which future generations can live.

One of the major things that have gone into home building is solar panels. Rather than relying solely on city based electricity that can come from questionable sources, homeowners can use roof mounted panels that harness the energy of the sun. The panels have grown more efficient over the years, even being able to work when there isn’t a lot of sunlight. Recently one particular company began taking order for a new kind of solar panel that blends in seamlessly with the roof to marry functionality with style.

Smart homes have also been on the rise, that use technology to learn usage patterns and adjust lighting and temperatures to save energy.

Build Green

There are many homeowners who have chosen to build their next home in an eco-friendly manner. The good news is that there are also many builders who are becoming experienced in environmentally friendly building techniques. These builders also understand some of the better environmentally friendly materials that a homeowner can choose for their home.

Recently, technology has greatly improved solar systems such as solar hot water heaters, solar shingles, solar electrical systems, and so forth. Some of these systems do cost more money up front than the more traditional systems for your home but in the long run you will actually save money by incorporating solar power wherever possible in your home.

For example, many homeowners are now using solar panels to provide electricity for their entire home. Solar panels have come a long way both in efficiency and affordability. Homeowners who choose solar panel systems are helping to save our planet from the terrible harm that fossil fuels have caused over the years. Therefore, consider solar technology the next time you build a home for your family.

By choosing solar over fossil fuels you will be making the world a better place to live and to raise a family. It definitely is well worth considering, don’t you agree?