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People used to want bigger homes to hold all of their items and for their large families to live in, but things are slowly changing. Many people are realizing that they don’t need so much space, don’t have to buy so many items, or don’t even need to have large families. To better accommodate their lesser needs, they’ve chosen to get smaller homes that are made for just one person. While these homes look tiny, they are enough to provide someone with a livable space with enough room to move around in.

These homes are great for the environment because they cut down on the use of resources and carbon footprints. Less materials are required to build these tiny homes, which also means they can be assembled quickly. These homes can be pretty energy efficient, given that there is only a little bit of area to keep warm or cool and to provide with light. They can even be run using solar panels stationed near them.

It’s even possible to move these homes around, similar to a recreation vehicle. I would love to have a tiny home set up in the woods and just live off of the grid for a while.