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We see that many countries are insisting that home builders and homeowners use more environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies when building a home. This has caused a great change in the construction sector as they switch from using harmful traditional building methods and materials to a more planet-friendly, “green” building alternative.

This means that homeowners and builders will be required to incorporate natural resources so as to provide a more eco-friendly and sustainable building or dwelling. It is clearly apparent that the world’s consumption of energy has resulted in a alarming depletion of natural resources. This depletion is causing irreparable damage to the planet and the environment.

To help reverse this damaging trend we see that the construction industry is now working towards a net zero energy policy. A net zero energy policy simply implies that a dwelling is able to produce its own energy needs and requirements by using green sources and modern solar or wind technologies.

Sustainable architecture also comes into play as buildings are constructed in more energy efficient ways. For example, adequate insulation can prevent both winter and summer heat loss which will reduce the amount of energy required for heating or cooling.