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There are many interesting environmentally friendly home building techniques being utilized throughout the world. These innovative techniques are helping to save our planet by slowly eliminating the world’s addiction to the destructive fossil fuels being used for energy. Homes are now being built to be energy efficient and completely self-reliant.

One of the keys to this new and exciting trend is home automation. Home automation is a popular trend in the world of new construction homes. People are totally caught up with the ability to control almost everything in their environment by remote control. The building industry is using this recent remote control frenzy to take advantage when building an environmentally friendly dwelling.

For example, today we see automation of heating systems, lighting, and HVAC. This type of automation can reduce both the amount of energy consumed in a home plus the cost of that energy to the homeowner. Homeowners today can remotely control almost everything in their home including washing machines, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators.

Each of these controls may only produce small energy savings on their own but when you add them all together it can provide the average homeowner with a large yearly reduction in energy costs. Also, a home that uses environmentally friendly energy devices will help to save and preserve our beautiful planet.