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Eco-friendly / Green home building trends

Fireplaces And The Beauty Of Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling Trends

Those who are looking to buy an eco-friendly property, it’s time to understand the beauty of these trends and why they’re present.

Here is a peek into the key reasons homeowners prefer eco-friendly homes right now.

Save Energy

Who doesn’t want to save on their bills and it begins by saving on energy.

You will be able to conserve energy in a matter of seconds, and that’s what will ensure you receive the quality that is needed. What some homeowners are doing is contacting a fireplace dealer and having a wood-burning or gas insert fireplace. A fireplace is low on energy an only burns natural fuel in wood or natural gas. A warmer home in the cooler months caused by the fireplace reduces the amount of time that the furnace kicks in and therefore reduces electricity and other fuels. There are fireplaces Minneapolis residents have in my neighborhood that save a lot of money in the Winter.

Ideal For Planet

You are going to be helping the planet, and that is something the local government does provide tax benefits for.

It will help financially.


These properties are durable for those who are selective about what they’re living in.

Choose one of these properties and know the quality will be there as desired.

This is the beauty of eco-friendly homes and why this is a trend that is not going to fade away. The value you are going to see will be hard to beat, and that’s what makes it unique. These home building trends are a peek into the future, and those who want the best will want to head down this path as soon as possible.

Home Automation in the Scope of New Construction Homes

There are many interesting environmentally friendly home building techniques being utilized throughout the world. These innovative techniques are helping to save our planet by slowly eliminating the world’s addiction to the destructive fossil fuels being used for energy. Homes are now being built to be energy efficient and completely self-reliant.

One of the keys to this new and exciting trend is home automation. Home automation is a popular trend in the world of new construction homes. People are totally caught up with the ability to control almost everything in their environment by remote control. The building industry is using this recent remote control frenzy to take advantage when building an environmentally friendly dwelling.

For example, today we see automation of heating systems, lighting, and HVAC. This type of automation can reduce both the amount of energy consumed in a home plus the cost of that energy to the homeowner. Homeowners today can remotely control almost everything in their home including washing machines, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators.

Each of these controls may only produce small energy savings on their own but when you add them all together it can provide the average homeowner with a large yearly reduction in energy costs. Also, a home that uses environmentally friendly energy devices will help to save and preserve our beautiful planet.

A Net Zero Energy Policy For Buildings

We see that many countries are insisting that home builders and homeowners use more environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies when building a home. This has caused a great change in the construction sector as they switch from using harmful traditional building methods and materials to a more planet-friendly, “green” building alternative.

This means that homeowners and builders will be required to incorporate natural resources so as to provide a more eco-friendly and sustainable building or dwelling. It is clearly apparent that the world’s consumption of energy has resulted in a alarming depletion of natural resources. This depletion is causing irreparable damage to the planet and the environment.

To help reverse this damaging trend we see that the construction industry is now working towards a net zero energy policy. A net zero energy policy simply implies that a dwelling is able to produce its own energy needs and requirements by using green sources and modern solar or wind technologies.

Sustainable architecture also comes into play as buildings are constructed in more energy efficient ways. For example, adequate insulation can prevent both winter and summer heat loss which will reduce the amount of energy required for heating or cooling.

A Tiny Home With A Tiny Footprint

People used to want bigger homes to hold all of their items and for their large families to live in, but things are slowly changing. Many people are realizing that they don’t need so much space, don’t have to buy so many items, or don’t even need to have large families. To better accommodate their lesser needs, they’ve chosen to get smaller homes that are made for just one person. While these homes look tiny, they are enough to provide someone with a livable space with enough room to move around in.

These homes are great for the environment because they cut down on the use of resources and carbon footprints. Less materials are required to build these tiny homes, which also means they can be assembled quickly. These homes can be pretty energy efficient, given that there is only a little bit of area to keep warm or cool and to provide with light. They can even be run using solar panels stationed near them.

It’s even possible to move these homes around, similar to a recreation vehicle. I would love to have a tiny home set up in the woods and just live off of the grid for a while.

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Going Green In The Home

As someone who is a major supporter of the green home initiative, it warms my heart to see many people embrace the idea of having homes that are eco-friendly. For too long, homes have been built without any kind of consideration for the planet and what damage is being done to it. These practices only hurt the Earth in the long run and make it harder for everyone else to live on it. If action isn’t taken now, in the future there won’t be an Earth on which future generations can live.

One of the major things that have gone into home building is solar panels. Rather than relying solely on city based electricity that can come from questionable sources, homeowners can use roof mounted panels that harness the energy of the sun. The panels have grown more efficient over the years, even being able to work when there isn’t a lot of sunlight. Recently one particular company began taking order for a new kind of solar panel that blends in seamlessly with the roof to marry functionality with style.

Smart homes have also been on the rise, that use technology to learn usage patterns and adjust lighting and temperatures to save energy.

Build Green

There are many homeowners who have chosen to build their next home in an eco-friendly manner. The good news is that there are also many builders who are becoming experienced in environmentally friendly building techniques. These builders also understand some of the better environmentally friendly materials that a homeowner can choose for their home.

Recently, technology has greatly improved solar systems such as solar hot water heaters, solar shingles, solar electrical systems, and so forth. Some of these systems do cost more money up front than the more traditional systems for your home but in the long run you will actually save money by incorporating solar power wherever possible in your home.

For example, many homeowners are now using solar panels to provide electricity for their entire home. Solar panels have come a long way both in efficiency and affordability. Homeowners who choose solar panel systems are helping to save our planet from the terrible harm that fossil fuels have caused over the years. Therefore, consider solar technology the next time you build a home for your family.

By choosing solar over fossil fuels you will be making the world a better place to live and to raise a family. It definitely is well worth considering, don’t you agree?